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Israel's Heartbeat
is Our Shared Pulse

Founded immediately after the October 7 attacks, Tech for Israel delivers mental health and community rehabilitation aid to the survivors, displaced, and disadvantaged through supporting small NGOs already active in the field.

Join us to make a vital humanitarian impact.

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In partnership with
Merit Spread Foundation Ltd


About Tech for Israel

Following the October 7 attacks and the ongoing war, 200,000 displaced Israelis lack access to their belongings, income, and sufficient social welfare. 12,000 of them are suffering from ongoing trauma. This unprecedented humanitarian crisis will impact affected individuals and Israeli society long after the war.

Tech for Israel was founded by leaders of Israel’s financial and high-tech communities to deliver immediate support to small NGOs and civil initiatives across the country to bring aid to those impacted by the war and help fill the temporary vacuum in effective coordination with local and national authorities.
20,000,000 ILS already granted to over 100 initiatives.
Our mission

Immediate Impact


Working with existing non-profit organizations allows us to rapidly move funds where they are desperately needed.


We are not affiliated with any political party or movement, and will not use funds for the purchase of military equipment. 


We prioritize projects that can immediately impact the lives of those who have been adversely affected by the war.


Initiatives Funded by Tech for Israel


 Allocation Committee

Adam Fisher

Adam Fisher

Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.

Nir Zohar

Nir Zohar

President & COO of Wix (NASDAQ:WIX).

Ziv Kop

Ziv Kop

Managing Partner at OG Venture Partners.

Neta Zwebner

Neta Zwebner

Tech entrepreneur, angel investor and social activist.

Liad Agmon

Liad Agmon

Managing Director, Insight Partners.

Erez Shachar

Erez Shachar

Managing Partner and a co-founder at Qumra.

 Key Team Members


Anat Greemland


Tech and social entrepreneur, founder of UpCommunities and Spark initiative.


Nehoray Erdinast Ofri


Tech and social entrepreneur, founder of Community O.

Keren Greengrass - Photo1_edited_edited.

Keren Lavie


Social Entrepreneur, CEO at Social Space.

yael low rez_edited_edited.jpg

Yael Mohar


CPA; Tech finance expert.

  • Is my contribution tax deductible?
    Yes. Merit Spread Foundation, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Can I use my Donor Advised Fund(DAF) to make a grant?
    Yes. You can select Merit Spread Foundation, Inc. on the website of your DAF. The EIN is 37-2057617.
  • Are you affiliated with a political movement?
    No. Neither Tech for Israel or Merit Spread Foundation have any affiliation with a political party of movement and will not use funds for any political purpose.
  • Will my donation go towards the purchase of military equipment?
    No. Tech for Israel and Merit will not use funds to purchase military equipment.
  • What are your overhead expenses?
    We don’t have overhead expenses of any kind. 100% of your donation will go directly to targeted projects and other non-profits organizations.
  • Can you fund other non-profit organizations?
    Yes. While most Israeli non-profit organizations are limited in their ability to work with third party non-profits, Merit Spread Foundation was founded for this exact purpose.
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